Ivan Bartolini

Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SWITZERLAND) KEYNOTE SPEAKER

Ivan Bartolini is a specialist in transfer of competence of the Construction Group of the Swiss Cooperation.

Economist (Ph D. University of Montreal, Canada), specializes in humanitarian work through the International Red Cross in protection and conflict management missions in Colombia, Guinea Conakry and India. Based on this experience, he develops a project of anthropological study through 13 countries on culture and identity that allows him to have a better understanding of human behavior.

He works in Haiti with the Swiss Cooperation since 2012, first as an assistant to the Humanitarian Aid Coordination, and since 2013 as head of the Center for Reconstruction Competence project. For 6 years, he develops social engineering through training institutions, universities, professional associations and humanitarian actors that allows him to take his program from Reconstruction to Risk Prevention.

The major successes of the program are: preparation and validation of the first national program of improvement in confined masonry, the certification of bricklayers of the informal sector, the creation of a national network of trainers who share their experiences and innovations, the integration of practical modules in universities and the creation of departmental construction teams whose role includes support for self-construction and the search for local solutions to the problems of safe construction.