The Committee on Disaster Risk Management of the World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO), the National University of Engineering and the Peruvian Association of Professional Engineers (CIP) call for presentation of short articles related to Disaster Risk Management, focused on the reconstruction of post-disaster areas. These articles will be presented at the 12th International Symposium on Disaster Risk Management: Reconstruction toward Resilient Cities (ISDRM2018)that will take place from September 5 to 8, 2018, at the Lima Convention Center


Disseminate experiences in Disaster Risk Management focused on Post-Disaster Reconstruction. Analyze the impact of disasters by natural events and their effects on society, promote comprehensive measures that serve as a tool for decision makers (local, regional and central government) and contribute to the reduction of disaster risk. Aimed at authorities, professionals and officials of public entities, international organizations, civil society, academic institutions, the private sector and students committed to disaster risk management, to improve understanding of disaster risk.


The topics of interest to be developed in the short articles are presented, which have been grouped into five areas:

Area 1: Regulations and Planning

Topics of interest: Use and ownership of land, expropriations, land planning, construction guidelines and standards, master plans, reconstruction plans, reconstruction entity.

Area 2: Research, technology and infrastructure

Topics of interest: scientific-technical research and technological innovations for the reconstruction process oriented to material resources, constructive technologies, use of local materials, infrastructure for vital lines, design of safe and eco-efficient homes, renewal systems and post-disaster urban densification

Area 3: Economy and project management

Topics of interest: Mechanisms and financial strategies for reconstruction, role of the State, catastrophic insurance, role of the private sector, credit capacity, formulation of reconstruction projects, project management and reconstruction programs.

Area 4: Institutional and social articulation

Topics of interest: institutional models to facilitate coordination between public and private actors and civil society. Coordination processes and mechanisms between national and subnational levels. Role played by decentralization or centralization in reconstruction.

Area 5: Capacity building for resilience

Topics of interest: Capacities to achieve a satisfactory reconstruction. Sustainable mechanisms that can be developed as a result of the reconstruction. Social, economic, and technical mechanisms that contribute to a resilient society.


Reception of abstracts: June 15, 2018

Notification of acceptance of abstracts: June 20, 2018

Reception of articles: July 30, 2018

Notification of acceptance of articles: August 10, 2018

Reception of the final version of articles: August 28, 2018


  • Cost of early registration for professionals who submitted jobs for review.
  • Free registration for participants with acceptance of articles.